Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Welcome to Creative Indulgences!

My name is Emma this blog is all about exploring different art mediums and technics. Every week I will post some of my creations with the weeks topic. I encourage you to join in the fun and go on this journey with me!

Somethings about myself are that when I was little I was bitten by a Zonkey. I did not receive any super powers from this experience. I have a love of art, playing guitar and writing. Right now I am working on a novel. I play guitar as part of my churches worship team. I have won 10 different art competitions throughout my life so far.

 I really hope you enjoy my blog! I want to hear from you guys! Please post in the comments a little bio about yourselves. What if we made it a game? If you would like you can post two truths and a lie and I reply back guess which one is a lie.

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