Thursday, October 6, 2016

Multimedia Eye

Multimedia Eye,

This is the picture of an eye that I drew. What made this project fun was that I had no original intention of making this at all. I had simply been warming up with a stick of charcoal. I had drawn the outline, eyebrow and  the shading fo the nose. Later that night i had gone to Michaels and had seen that they had a sale on white charcoal. I bought some and when I went home I saw the eye and decided that it need the white of the eye. I put that in and forgot about the whole thing for a few days. I had been working on a painting for my Nana when I saw the eye again. I was working with blue paint. With the paint brush already in my hand, I got to work to completing this eye. The final result is what you see about. Please put in the comments if you like drawing, painting or just in general creating eyes.

Here are some more pictures of the eye:

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