Thursday, March 9, 2017

Zentangling - Part 1: Basic Tangling

Zentangling is a type of ink art that has been around for about a decade now. The idea between zentangling is to connect a series of patterns to make a bigger picture. It is a lot easier than it sounds. When it is really boiled down all you have to do is draw a shape, divide it up and fill it in with a fun pattern. But enough talking, let me show you some of my own drawings.

If you look at this pictures you can mostly see the sections of the images and the patterns that I used for each section. Here is an image that you can use to practice any patterns that you come up with. I know that this week was very basic but next week we will be going into more detail with some complex zentangling and what you can do with it. Plus, a surprise!! 

Add to the outline and zentangle. What will you make? Will it be a city scene? An airport? Show me what you created in the comments. Be creative!


  1. these are really good! i love the hummingbird!

  2. Woah!!! These drawings are amazing!

  3. I love the Dr. Seuss picture. It's definitely my favorite!

    Nicole @ Best Kids' Reads